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Eco Tech technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment.  This equipment is powerful enough to remove the most stubborn stains, but can be adjusted for more gentle applications.  Eco Tech technicians have undergone extensive training in equipment use.

Our clients may require our services for a number of different reasons.  Some clients are looking to improve the general appearance of their facility, parking lot or other structure.  Pressure washing provides the surface with a renewed look, improving the curb appeal of the structure.  Other clients are preparing surfaces for painting, such as parking lots that require remarking or painting.  Pressure washing properly prepares the surface and ensures applied coatings will not chip or flake off due to contaminated surfaces.    

Eco Tech technicians use effective cleaners as part of the cleaning process.  These cleaners are highly effective at removing stubborn grease and soils, but still sensitive to the environment and local code enforcement.